Roohani on celebrating the death of Umar

“Ayatollah” Sadiq Al Rohani, he is considered amongst the top 5 Rafidah “Ayatollahs” on earth. Here a Fatwa in Persian:
نظر مباركتان را راجع به جلسات عيدالزهرا (س) بيان فرمائيد و بگوييد آيا اين جلسات , جلسات لهو و لعب حساب مي شود يا نه ؟ و دست زدن در آن چطور است ؟
Please tell us about your view on the “Eid Al-Zahra (AS)” [yes, another added “Eid” by the Rafidah were they celebrate Omar’s death! They believe it is ‘EID, for a Majoosi killed the “killer” – Omar r.a. – of Fatimah Al-Zahra’ r.a.] gatherings, are these gatherings classfied as games and idle talk, and what about clapping on that occasion?

جواب: باسمه جلت اسمائه
تشكيل جلسات عيدالزهراء (س) , در صورت خالي بودن از محرمات , از بهترين قربات است و اما دست زدن در صورتي كه توام با كارهاي خلاف شئون اسلامي و خلاف تقوي نباشد ؛ اشكال ندارد
Carrying out the ‘Eid Al-Zahra (AS) – when it’s free of any muharramat (prohibited activities) is considered amongst the best things means to seek closenes to Allah (qurbat), as for clapping, as long as it is according to Islamic morals and does not contradict piety then it’s absolutely fine.

PS. Contributed by brother Faylaq Omar