Mis(GUIDED) liar


Just another example how it is easy for rafida to lie.

Sometimes I think that even in the doomsday these liars would think how is it possible to slander someone …

His accusation in brief:

Qari Dimashqiah states regarding this verse:
أما تفسيرها ببني أمية فهي من أكاذيب ووضع أحمد ابن الطيب … قلت: يا لك من كذاب فقد اتفق المفسرون على أنها رؤيا عين أريها النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وهي شجرة الزقوم.
As for its interpretation (i.e. “the cursed tree”) to mean Banu Umayyah, this is one of the lies and fabrications of Ahmad ibn al-Tayyib. I (Qari Dimashqiah) say: “O liar! There is CONSENSUS among the muffasirun (exegetes) that it (the accursed tree) is only the vision shown to the Prophet, peace be upon him, and it is the Tree of Zaqqum.
Interestingly, this is what is found in Tafsir al-Tabari, the greatest Sunni book of Tafsir under that verse (vol. 5, p. 622):
والشجرة الملعونة … ولا إختلاف بين أحد أنه أراد بها بنى أمية.
The cursed tree … There is no difference (of opinion) between anyone over the fact that what is meant by it (i.e. the cursed tree) is Banu Umayyah

1) He lied when he said that mentioned report that it’s ijma is in Tafsir of Tabari. Because it is not there. It’s in Tareeh at-Tabari (here on line)

Someone would say: So what? Tabari said that in Tareeh. Mistake in the book, not a big deal. But there is a big deal. Because as far as I can see they are not words of Tabari himself. Quote of that rafidi present at the page 185. When you would check page 183 you would see that its quote from book which was written by order of Abbasi caliph Motadid Billah.
وذكر أنها نسخة الكتاب الذى أنشئ للمعتضد بالله

2) If you would check commentary of Tabari, you would see that he reported there with chain from Abu Malik, Ibn Abbas, Ikrima, Sayeed ibn Jubair, Ibrahim, Mujahid, Qatada, Dahaak that Cursed tree in the Quran is Tree of Zaqqum (in the hell).

And inshAllah exactly how said our respected shaykh, liars would be eat from that tree.

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