Murtada on majority of companions

In his work “Shafi fi Imama” 3/114, Murtada said:

ومعلوم أن جمهور أصحابه وجلهم كانوا ممن يعتقد إمامة من تقدم عليه عليه السلام، وفيهم من يفضلهم على جميع الأمة
And it is known that majority of his companions, and most of them were from those who believed in the Imamate of those who were preferred to (Ali) alaihi salam, and between them were those who thought they (those who were before Ali) were best of all nation.

Obviously talk is about companions of Ali :RA Anho: . If it about them, then it’s clear proof from great shia scholar that majority of those who were companion of Ali :RA Anho: were close to ahle-sunnah rather to rafidah of our time.