Hadith: His fathers name would be like name of my father.

This is a part of authentic hadith from prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) about Mahdi, and as it obvious it doesn’t suitable for shias. Because as we know they are still waiting for their 12-th Imam, who is Mahdi in their view. And his father as they do believe was Hasan al-Askari. But name of father of our noble prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) was Abdullah. That’s why we can see shias trying to weaken this report.

However this report is saheeh.

It was transmitted via different routes:

1) Fitr – Zirr – Ibn Masood. (Ibn Abi Sheiba)

2) Fitr – Asim – Zirr- ibn Masood.

3) Fitr – Abu Ishag and Asim – Zirr – ibn Masood. (Akhbarul Isfahan)

4) Fitr – Zirr – Ibn Masood. (Beyhaki)

5) Ibn Ueyna – Asim – Zirr – ibn Masood. (Fitan Marwazi)

6) Yahya ibn al-Yaman – Thawri and Za`idat – Asim – Abu Wail – Zirr – ibn Masood (Fitan Marwazi, ibn Asakir)

7) al-Walid and Rashdeen – ibn Luheyah – Israil ibn Ibad – Maimun al-Qaddah – Abu Tufayl(Fitan Marwazi)

8.) Ibn Mahdi – Sufyan – Asim – Zirr – Abdullah (ibn Hibban, sh Arnawut said chain is good)

9) Za`idat – Asim – Zirr – Abdullah (Tabarani al-Awsat)

10) Dawud ibn al-Muhbar ibn Gahzam – father – Muawiyah ibn Qurra – father. (al-Kabir, al-Kashful Astar)

11) Ibrahim – Alqama – Ubeydat as-Salmani – ibn Masood. (Hakim)

12) Muhammad ibn Ayash – Asim – Zirr – ibn Masood. (Majlis abul Abbas Thalab wal abul Abbas Mabrad)

13) Ubeydullah ibn Musa – Za`idat – Asim – Zirr – Abdullah (al-Kabir)

14) Amr ibn Abi Qays – Asim – Zirr – ibn Masood. (al-Kabir)

15) Shubah – Asim – Zirr – ibn Masood. (Hakim)

Some of these are weak, others may be unknown, but for sure some of them are hasan li zatihi, others hasan li ghayrihi.

Sanad of chain from Akhbarul Isfahan:

1) Fitr ibn Khalifah – saduq which was accused for tashayu. As in Taqrib.

2) Abu Ishaq as-Sabei thiqah, which get confused when he became old.

Asim ibn Abu Nujud.  Asim was criticised by some scholars due to weakness of his memory and they agreed that he was trustworthy.

Dhahabi in Mizan said:

قلت: هو حسن الحديث. وقال أحمد وأبو زرعة: ثقة
I (Dhahabi) say: He is hasan al-hadith, Ahmad and Abu Zurah said he was thiqah

So problems with his memory could make this report hasan li zatihi,  but  not weak, and that’s  for sure.

So as Dhahabi said, Asim himself is hasan al-hadith bi izniLLAH. Add to this fact that Abu Ishaq and Hubayb supported him and also narrated this, add to this weak chains from Qurra.  And that would be enough to raise hadith till saheeh li ghayrihi status.

3) Zirr ibn Hubaish – thiqah as in Taqrib.

4) Abdullah ibn Masood companion.

İbn Abi Sheiba narrated this from more shorter way: Fitr – Zirr ibn Hubaysh.

Zirr died in 81, 82 or 83, as it is in “Tahzib al-Kamal”.
Fitr died in 156.

Their meting isn’t beyond possibility.

Opinions of scholars in regarding hadith about Mahdi where mentioned “His father’s name would be like my father’s name”.

1) Uqayli said: Chain is salih. Duafa al-Kabir 2/76
2) Ibn Taymiyyah said saheeh. Minhaju sunnah 8/255
3) Ibn al-Qayum al-Jawziyah said saheeh. al-Manar al-Munif p 108.
4) Wadai said it’s hasan.
5) Shuayb Arnawut said it’s hasan.
6) Albani said it’s saheeh.
7) Ibn Hajar al-Haythami said that it’s authentic that his name would be like his name and fathers name like his father name. Sawaiq 2/474