Another Ayatullah attacks ummul muminin

al-Salamu ‘Aleykum,

It seems Ayatullah al-‘Allamah Muhammad Jamil Humoud al-‘Amili (FB) was busy these past couple of days, what is it that kept him busy? His new retarded book called “Khiyanat ‘Aisha” so let me post a few pages from this book and translate some of its contents which are underlined in Red:

^ Mashallah look at this cover, with a bloody Photoshoped camel… this book has become so famous among the enemies of Allah especially our Coptic christian friends who thank this brave follower of Ahlul-Bayt for insulting the wife of his prophet SAWS.

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Now on to the contents of this toilet paper roll.

(Page 47)

Translation: The saying of ‘Aisha: “Maybe we could hunt with it some of the boys of Quraysh” this has in it a sign that she used to lead in harlotry(prostitution) in Mecca as is apparent when she abandoned Madinah during the days of ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan, so she resided in Mecca for about two years and this accusation is not far from her…

(Page 49)

Translation: If she was so daring in sexual affairs then why would we ignore the possibility of her committing obscene acts after the death of Rassul-Allah knowing that she was accused of it during his life!!?
Alas it remains only a strong possibility and a witness which backs all the narrations that state that she practiced acts of lewdness…

(Page 99)

Translation: So we conclude from all we stated: That ‘Aisha is a traitor to the greatest Prophet in his Religion and his Bed.. this is what we reached after our research and effort in understanding the treachery that was mentioned in Surat al-Tahrim an the narrations which talk about ‘Aisha and Hafsa and al-‘Amiriyah and al-Kindiyah…

– end –