Ali ibn al-Husayn upon shaykhan

Dr Amar Hasan Sabri in “Zawaid Abdullah ibn Ahmad ibn Hanbal fi Musnad” (p 400-401):

It was narrated to me by Abu Muamar from ibn Abu Hazim, which said: A man came to Ali ibn al-Husayn and asked him: What was a place of Abu Bakr and Umar in (the eyes) of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam)? Imam answered: “The same as in this hour” (1).Chain is broken, and narrators are thiqat.
Ali ibn al-Husayn that’s Zaynalabidin famous follower (tabein). And ibn Abu Hazim that’s Abdulaziz ibn Abu Hazim Salamah ibn Dinar, and he was thiqat but he didn’t reached Ali ibn al-Husayn, and Abu Muamar that’s Ismail ibn Ibrahim ibn Muamar.
This report was transmitted by Abdullah in “Zawaid Fadailus Sahaba” (223) and in “Zawaidu Zuhd” (2/17) with the same chain and text.
al-Heythami in “Majmau zawaid” 9/45 said: Narrated Abdullah and I don’t know ibn Abu Hazim, shaykh of Abdullah was thiqat.
Muhaqiq of “Fadailus Sahaba” said: This report present in the “Fadailus Sahaba” of Daraqutni from ibn Abu Hazim from his father and this chain is connected and authentic

—— end of quote —–

1) They are buried together.