‘Ali Milani admits that some of the scholars believed in Tahreef


In their weak attempts to hide the fact that some of their big scholars believed in Tahreef and that their books are full of it, finally Ayatulah ‘Ali al-Milani decides to sacrifice one of their big scholars in order to save the others, he admits that Sayyed Ni’imatulah al-Jazaeri used to believe in Tahreef:

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When asked if al-Kulayni, al-‘Ayyashi, al-Majlisi, al-Qummi believed in Tahreef the Ayatullah replied:

“In the Name of Allah,
al-Salamu ‘Aleykum,
We mentioned in the book “al-Tahqiq fi Nafi al-Tahreef” that it is unacceptable to attribute the belief in Tahreef to al-Qummi, al-Kulayni, al-‘Ayyashi or al-Majlisi. However al-Jazaeri does believe it.”

– end –

Alhamdulillah, when pushed further and further into a corner they will admit that their scholars believed in Tahreef, this time the sacrifice was Sayyed al-Jazaeri who will be next?

(What kind of a sick Madhab is this? the only madhab that leads its followers to believe in Tahreef!)