Clear lie from Ayatullat Muhammad as-Sind (or Sanad)

Muhammad as-Sind :

In responce to question about ayat at-tathir, this shia shaykh said:

حديث السفينة المتواتر   مثل أهل بيتي كمثل سفينة نوح من ركبها نجا ، ومن تخلف عنها غرق  .

And hadith of Ark Mutawatir: Example of my ahlal bayt like Ark of Noah, which would sit on it would succeed and who would leave it would drown.

We have proved at our site that this hadith:

1) Isn’t saheeh.

2) For sure not mutawatir.

So we ask shias to proof that it is mutawatir in their books!