Hadeeth: Allah would call people in the doomsday by their mothers


Salam alaikum.


إن الله يدعو الناس يوم القيامة بأمهاتهم سترا منه على عبادة

Indeed Allah would call people in the doomsday by their mothers, (and that is) shield from Him upon His slaves.

Muhammad ibn Darwish al-Hoot in “Asna al-Mattalib” said:

طرقه كلها ضعيفة وذكره ابن الجوزي في الموضوع

Way of transmission all of them are weak, and ibn Jawzi mentioned this in “al-Mawduah”. (end of quote)

Ismail al-Ajluni in “Kashul Hafa” said:

رواه الطبراني في الكبير عن ابن عباس رفعه ، وفي الباب عن أنس رفعه بلفظ يدعى الناس – الحديث ، وعن عائشة رضي الله عنها كذلك ، وكلها ضعاف ، وأورده ابن الجوزي في الموضوعات ، قال في المقاصد : يعارضه ما رواه أبو داود بسند جيد عن أبي الدرداء رفعه إنكم تدعون يوم القيامة بأسمائكم وأسماء آبائكم فحسنوا أسماءكم بل عند البخاري في صحيحه عن ابن عمر رفعه : إذا جمع الله الأولين والآخرين يوم القيامة يرفع لكل غادر لواء فيقال هذه غدرة فلان بن فلان

Narrated Tabarani in “al-Kabeer” from ibn Abbas which elevated it, and regarding this from Anas which raised it by text “people would be called”, and from Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her), and all of them are weak. And ibn Jawzi narrated this in “al-Mawduah”, and in “al-Maqaseed”: It is rejected by what narrated Abu Dawud by good chain from Abu Darda which elevated this: You would be called in the doomsday by your names and names of your fathers so make your names good. But with Bukhari in his Saheeh (my note: I didn’t find this in Bukhari but in Muslim) from ibn Umar which elevated: When Allah will gather together, on the Day of Judgment, all the earlier and later generations of mankind, a flag will be raised (to mark off) every person guilty of breach of faith, and it will be announced that this is the perfidy of so and so, son of so and so. (end of quote)

I say: Chain of Tabarani was also weakened by ibn al-Qayum in “Hashiyatu Sunnan” as this was mentioned in “Awnul Mabud” (13/199).

Hadith from Abu Dawud which cited Ajluni , was also narrated by imam Ahmad (Musnad 21739). Shaykh Shuayb al-Arnawut mentioned that chain is weak, due to disconnection between Abdullah ibn Abu Zakariyah and Abu Darda. Shaykh Albani weakened this report in “Daeef at-Tarqib”.

Wa Allahu Alam.