Nematullah Jazairi about tahrif

This known shia muhadith said in his book “al-Anwar an-Nomaniyah” (1/97):

“Don’t be surprised by many fabricated ahadeth. Because (companions) made some changes and turns in the religion after prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ali), and the greatest thing from this, is their changing of Quran and tampering words in it. And they took from it verses with praise of ali-Rasul and aimma tahirin and blame of hypocrites and opening of their deeds, as it would be explained in Nurul-Quran (1)“.

As far as I understand “Noor al-Quran” that should be a chapter in this “Anwaru Numaniyah”, but I couldn’t find it in printed edition of this book.

Here you can see complete fihritst of 4 volumes of this book:

As you can clearly see there is no chapter “Noor al-Quran” in this book!