Imamate and ahadeth

We all know that  shias can’t find verse in Quran which would order Muslims in clear form to believe in Imamate of 12 imams.

But what about ahadeth? Is there evidence in them? What shias usually using? Saqalain, Hadith of Cloak, Hadith of 12 Caliphs and etc. But in none of them we can’t see nass, yanee clear cut indication that Muslims should believe in the Imamate of 12 persons. All that we can see from shias: Such and such hadith indicated this. Such and such mean that.

Imamate can’t be consider as doctrine established on clear proofs, it could be only theory which is basing on interpretations of different texts.

Shias can say that there are ahadeth in their sources, and our sources intentionally corrupted or didn’t mention them. Tayib but Quran? Quran isn’t corrupted. How is it possible that doctrine which is pillar of your mazhab isn’t mentioned clearly in any verse? Let alone fact that 12 imams not mentioned, even faith in Imamate in itself also wasn’t mentioned by Allah.

What are you doing? You are taking verses like: Verse of Wilayah, Mawaddah and Purification and atc, and only and only by explaining them, by giving to them your understanding which is for sure isn’t apparent, you are trying to proof high rank of ahlalbayt (which is in fact indisputable). But Imamate? Why you are not surprised that Allah didn’t say even once: O believers have a faith in Imamate!?