Shias will never succeed (by brother Efendi)


Each sect, religion is living in struggle in attempt to convert people into their faith. By grace of Allah, we are on the right path, and as prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) promised there would be group which would be on the true path till the end.

Why shias would never succeed?

1) Because they are basing their dawah on emotions and useless debates. Why such and such man 1300 years ago did such and such thing? Why such and such person 1300 years ago looked at other with anger? And etc.

Allah send this religion, and all other religions not to establish Imamate! Kalla! But to establish Tawhid. I heard shia speeches in live, by net, listen to cds with their talks. HOW MUCH PERCENT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT TAWHID OF IBADAH? Honestly?!

I can say: ZERO! All that you would hear there: 1) Zulumat ahlalbayt. 2) Karamat ahlalbayt. 3) Sins of companions. 4) Perfection of ahlaq.

But in reality question should be: DO THEY HAVE TAWHID AL-IBADAH? I am not sure about their mutekademin, but modern shias, almost per 99% involved in the worshipping to ahlalbayt, instead of worshipping to Allah.

Can we blame their laymen due to that? I don’t think so. How on earth they can understand that they have to worship to Allah, if their scholars say to them, that calling Allah alone in shirk! And it should be only along with Ya Ali!? (Everybody seen al-KORANI saying that, check our blog).

By putting lable “tawasul” shia scholars approved for their laymen worse types of shirk. Ask 10 shias which you know. what is shirk in ibada? And see how many of them would answer.

2) Innovations. Hypocrites amongst shias, both laymen and scholars accusing sayidina Umar in innovating tarawih! And after that they are going to their mosques and hearing name of Ali in azan! And they are keeping silence on that!! Why? Because in reality they don’t give a damn if such and such thing is innovation or not. All that they want is to accuse companions. And on the same hand they have been involved in all kind of innovations which are possible.

3) Double standards in accepting of shariah texts. I can say with full confidence and proof that, majority of shias which claim to be usuli, and in reality nothing but akhbaris! They are becoming usuli and checking authenticy only if text isn’t suitable for them.
Everything what is suitable is accepted. May be one in the 1000 000 would care – is it authentic?

4) Lack of reason.
What is main foundation of Islam? Quran and Sunnah. Who strived hard for delivering them to us? Who gathered Quran? Who narrated sunnah? COMPANIONS! By agreement in our rows and by testimony of some shias (Tabatabai for example) – Quran was compiled in one book by companions! The very same companions which were accused by shias in KUFR, HYPOCRISY AND EVEN KILLING OF PROPHET (SALLALAHU ALAIHI WA ALA ALIHI WA SALLAM)!
How on earth is it possible to believe in book which was gathered by disbelievers?! That’s why I am sure, that scholars of shias don’t believe in this Holy Book. They are waiting for book which is with their hidden Imam. Same with laymen, and exception is in some of them, which prefer just turn of their brains and close eyes on such contradiction between their belief (COMPANIONS APOSTATED) and claim that they do believe in Quran which was compiled by those apostates!

As for sunnah! Praise to Allah everything is in front of us, as if it in the light of powerful searchlights! We have our usul, and principles in acceptance and rejecting ahadeth. And shias have their desires, only! Desire to accept what is suitable for them, and to reject what is not.
Just look! How many ahadeth from prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) directly narrated we, and how many narrated shias?! See their “Kafi”, and search with pathfinders in it for ahadeth narrated directly from prophet :[S.A.W.W]: ! By Allah they have neglected our beloved prophet:[S.A.W.W]: by inventing idea that what Imam said he said from prophet :[S.A.W.W]:

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