Q/A about Ashura

Q – A0A! I was very curious about why shias observe faqa on 10th muharram whereas the sunnis fast? And also i came to know the Holy Prophet(SWT) said it was better to observe fasting before the karbala incident! so aren’t we giving more importance to observe faqa just because Yazeed ki maa ne mannat maanni thi k agar un k betay ko fata hui tu wo roza rakhein gi? shouldn’t we focus more on what the prophet thought was right?

A – Bismillah.

Your question could be divided in two parts. First what shias do during the Ashoora and why we don’t.

You should know that What the Shi’ah do on ‘Ashoora’ is bid’ah (innovation) and misguidance.

Second part regarding fast during Ashoora.

The virtue of fasting ‘Ashoora’.

Wa Sallamu Alaikum.