Rafed.net and usage of Sunni Hadith

In their book “Kitab Mawaddat Ahlal Bayt wal Fadailuhum” shias from rafed.net quoted hadith from our books:

Messenger (sallalahu alaihi wa ali) said: “Most steady on the bridge would be feet of those who are most severe in the love of ahlalbayt”.

And in the footnote you can see references to Kanzul Ummal and Sawaiq al-Muhriqa.

Let us check those books for this report.

First scan from Kanzul Ummal:

Second screen shot from Sawaiq al-Muhriqa:

As you can see report say:

Most steady from you on the bridge those who most severe in love of my ahlalbayt AND MY COMPANIONS

Indeed rafidah have no shame! They omitted mention of companions because it wasn’t suitable to their beliefs!

And even in shia book like Nawadir of Rawandi this report contain mention of companions!