Imams continue misguiding the nation

The Imam according to the Shia intentionally misleads and misguides his followers as well as the mainstream Muslims (sunnah), in this topic we will quote the narrations quoted by the Shia scholar Yusuf al-Bahrani in the introduction of his book “al-Hadaeq al-Nadirah”, we read:

و الى ذلك يشير قوله عليه السلام(و لو اجتمعتم على أمر واحد لصدقكم الناس علينا. إلخ).و من ذلك ايضا ما رواه الشيخ في التهذيب «1» في الصحيح- على الظاهر- عن سالم أبي خديجة عن أبي عبد الله (ع) قال: (سأله إنسان و أنا حاضر فقال: ربما دخلت المسجد و بعض أصحابنا يصلي العصر، و بعضهم يصلي الظهر؟ فقال: أنا أمرتهم بهذا، لو صلوا على وقت واحد لعرفوا فأخذ برقابهم) و هو أيضا صريح في المطلوب، إذ لا يخفى أنه لا تطرق للحمل هنا على موافقة العامة، لاتفاقهم على التفريق بين وقتي الظهر و العصر و مواظبتهم على ذلك.و ما رواه الشيخ في كتاب العدة «1» مرسلا عن الصادق عليه السلام: انه (سئل عن اختلاف أصحابنا في المواقيت؟ فقال: انا خالفت بينهم).و ما رواه في الاحتجاج «2» بسنده فيه عن حريز عن ابي عبد الله (ع) قال:(قلت له: انه ليس شي‏ء أشد علي من اختلاف أصحابنا. قال ذلك من قبلي).و ما رواه في كتاب معاني الاخبار عن الخزاز عمن حدثه عن ابي الحسن (ع) قال: (اختلاف أصحابي لكم رحمة و قال (ع): إذا كان ذلك جمعتكم على أمر واحد). و سئل عن اختلاف أصحابنا فقال عليه السلام: (انا فعلت ذلك بكم و لو اجتمعتم على أمر واحد لأخذ برقابكم).و ما رواه في الكافي بسنده فيه عن موسى بن أشيم قال: (كنت عند ابي عبد الله عليه السلام فسأله رجل عن آية من كتاب الله عز و جل فأخبره بها ثم دخل عليه داخل فسأله عن تلك الآية فأخبره بخلاف ما أخبر به الأول، فدخلني من ذلك ما شاء الله، الى أن قال: فبينما أنا كذلك إذ دخل عليه آخر فسأله عن تلك الآية فأخبره بخلاف ما أخبرني و أخبر صاحبي، فسكنت نفسي و علمت ان ذلك منه تقية.


And to this points his saying (as):
“And if you(shia) all gather upon one thing then the people will believe you concerning us ect…”
And the Sheikh has also narrated in al-Tahtheeb in the SAHIH from Salim abu Khadeejah from abu ‘Abdullah (as): a man asked him (as) while I was present: “sometimes I would enter the mosque and I would see some of our companions(shia) praying ‘Asr while the others pray Zuhr?” he (as) replied: “I ordered them to do this because if they all prayed at the same time then our matter would be known and they would be executed.”
The Imam is very honest in his saying and in this case he did not do what the mainstream Muslims do as it is clear for them(sunnies) that the timing of both prayers are separate.
Also what is narrated by the sheikh in his book al-‘Iddah in the Mursal from al-Sadiq (as): “He was asked about the difference among our companions in timings(of acts of worship)” he (as) responded: “I am the one who made them differ among themselves.”
And what is narrated in al-Ihtijaj with its Sanad to Huraiz from abu ‘Abdullah (as), he said to the Imam: “There is nothing more saddening for me than the difference of our companions(shia)” the Imam (as) replied: “I did this.”
And what he narrated in the book Ma’anee al-Akhbar from al-Khazzaz from he who told him from abu al-Hasan(as) who said: “The difference among my companions is a mercy.” and he (as) also said: “When that happens I will unite you upon one thing.” and in another place he (as) was asked about the difference among our companions(Shia) so he (as) said: “I did this to you, and if you were to unite upon one matter then your heads will be taken.”
And what is narrated in al-Kafi with its Isnad from Musa bin Ashyam, he said: I was with abu ‘Abdullah (as) so a man asked him about a verse from the verses of the book of Allah almighty, he answered him then another man came and inquired about the same verse but he gave him a different answer from the first man, I then doubted him greatly – until he said – and while I was like this suddenly a man enters and asks about that same verse so he gave him an answer different from mine and my companion’s answers, so my doubts subsided and I realized this was Taqqiyah.”

I ask the Shia who fear Allah, is this acceptable? The divine Imams who are sent from God to guide men and rule the nation are living by Taqqiyah misguiding and confusing everyone?

NOTE: According to Ahlul-Sunnah the Imams are trustworthy scholars who never practice Taqqiyah, it is a shame such narrations are being attributed to them.

1 thought on “Imams continue misguiding the nation

  1. Not only do they spread confusion, but the last of them disappears into a cellar for 1200 years and leaves us in the hands of the clergy of Qum, who are *anything* but infallible, to put it mildly.
    What sort of Imamate is this?
    The Sunna of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was to clearly proclaim the truth, relying on Allah, and to struggle openly and without compromise against the enemies of the religion. It was not to hide behind taqiyya, spread confusion, and then go into a basement for 100s of years.

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