Marriages of Hasan and narrations about divorces

In two of our previous posts we have discussed marriages of Imam Hasan (1,2).  We – Ahlesunnah, love all companions and respect them, but shias which say that Hasan was masoom, should think about his marriages, and reports about divorces  from shia books which we want to present.

At-Tabarsi in his “Makarim al-Ahlaq” p 256 wrote:


From him (alaihi salam), he said: Marry, and don’t divorce, because Arsh shakes due to divorce.
From him (alaihi salam), he said: Marry and don’t divorce, because Allah doesn’t love zaqin and zaqat.

In footnote it is explained that zaqin and zaqat mean men and women which marry and divorce a lot.

Kulayni in Kafi (6/54) narrated:

(10657) 2 علي بن إبراهيم عن أبيه عن ابن أبي عمير عن غير واحد عن أبي عبد الله (ع) قال: ما من شيء مما أحله الله عز وجل أبغض إليه من الطلاق وإن الله يبغض المطلاق الذواق

From Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam): Amongst things which Allah made permissible there is nothing more hateful for Him than divorce.

Majlisi in Mirat said report is hasan, Bahrani in Haqaiq (25/146) said it is hasan or saheeh.

We don’t blame Hasan (r.a) due to his divorces, he was sahabi, and he would be master of youth in paradise. But you shias, you claim that he was masoom, ask your shuyukh, how is it possible for masoom to do so many acts which anger Allah?

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