Who read first marsiya? Shias answers

Books: Iksir al-Ibadat fi Asrar al-Shahadat.

Author: Shaykh Agha ibn Abid ash-Shirvani al-Darbandi (d 1282, his short bio).

At volume 1, p 242, of this book, you can read :

 فإن شئت أن تزيد على ذلك فقل: إن أول من قرأ المرثية عليه(ع) وذكر مصائبه وأبكى الملائكة والعرش الكرسي الحجب هو الله عز وجل، هو القارئ أولا المرثية عليه


If you wish you can add to that, first one who read marsiya upon him (Imam), and mentioned his calamities and made angels cry, and Arsh, al-Kursi, al-Hijab – THAT IS ALLAH AZWAJAL, HE FIRST ONE WHO READ MARSIYA UPON HIM.

Allah read marsiya?!!! La hawla wa la quwati ila billah!

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  1. Allah (swt) is beyond our imagination, don’t you think ? Prove what your Imam Bukhari recorded in his Ghalat, you can’t prove that from Qur’an………..alright tell me which Prophet saw Allah (swt) in this state i.e. with hands, with legs, etc. (Naodhobillah).

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