Faydh Kashani and his takfir upon Islamic nation

It is not a secret for anyone that modern Imami shias do believe in 12 Imams.

We would like to present to you quote from shia scholar Faydh al-Kashani regarding those who abandon this belief of shias – all Islamic nation apart from themselves.

Book: “Minhaju Najat”

Author: Faydh al-Kashani.

Printed by Muasasat li Baath, Tehran, 1-st edition, 1407.


And who would reject Imamate of one of them, is like rejected prophecy of all prophets – alaihuma salam.

And Sadiq (alaihi salam) said: The one who rejected last from us is like rejected first from us.

And from messenger (sallalahu alaihi wa ali): Who would reject (not believe in) Ali, his Imama after me, is like the one who rejected my prophecy, and who rejected (didn’t believe in) my prophecy is like the one who rejected Allah and His Rububbiyah.

So don’t be deluded by calls of modern shias to taqrib, because in accordance to their texts and scholars  – each and everyone who is not Imami in faith is Kaafir.

4 thoughts on “Faydh Kashani and his takfir upon Islamic nation

  1. This claim can easily be substantiated by watching if a shia will eat the meat cooked by a sunni.
    Otherwise it is proven this article is manipulating muslims into hating other muslims for the benefit of the kuffar.

    • Not so quick! There a thing in shia world, which called taqiyyah. It permits them to say that they love shaykhan, so it would be good reason to eat our meat.

  2. I am aware of Taqiyyah, and its use is not to eat meat lol This is the perfect example as to what hatred towards each other leads one to say, that we become so fanatical that people of common sense realise that this isnt about ‘Truth’ anymore, and it just about sectarianism. You as a man of learning know very well that Shia consider Sunnis as muslims, albeit misguided in their view, yet you chose to write that which will incite hatred in the ignorant.

    • Kitab al-Hidaya, bab attaqiyah, chp 5: Taqiyya is in all things, until it reaches bloodshed. If it reaches bloodshed then there is no taqiyya.

      And read our article to see, that shia Imams in accordance to Shia scholars did taqiyya in lesser things too

      And here shia hadith:
      [ 30017 ] 5 ـ وعنه ، عن أحمد بن حمزة ، عن زكريا بن آدم ، قال : قال أبوالحسن ( عليه السلام ) : اني أنهاك عن ذبيحة كل من كان على خلاف الذي انت عليه واصحابك الا في وقت الضرورة اليه .
      5 – And from him from Ahmad b. Hamza from Zakariyya b. Adam. He said: Abu ‘l-Hasan عليه السلام said: Verily I prohibit you from the slaughtered animal of everyone who is in opposition to (or, different from) what you and your companions are upon, except for in a time of need towards it.

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