Shia hadith: Those who would sit on the Throne of Allah

Book: Alam ma badal Mawt” p 331.

Author: Faydh al-Kashani.

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Chapter: Visitors of graves of Imams.

3 – With chain  from Sulaiman ibn Hafs al-Marwazi from Musa ibn Jafar (alaihuma salam), he said: “In the doomsday on the Throne of Allah Azwajal would sit 4 from first and 4 from last (generations).

Four from first are: Noah, Ibrahim, Musa and Isa.

Four from last are: Muhammad, Ali, Hasan and Husayn.  The  food (like it is in Kafi) would be provided and visitors of graves of Imams would be sit with us. Be aware, that highest level and most close from them would be lovers of visitation of my fathers Ali grave.

As you can see in the footnote hadith from Kamil az-Ziyarat and that book was authenticated by ayatolla al-Muhajiri