Shia tafsir of Naml 89 – 90

Book: Alam ma badal Mawt” p 356-357

Author: Faydh al-Kashani.

In the chapter “Goodness of acknowledgement of wilayah and evilness of rejecting it”, al-Kashani narrated report:


 (With chain till) Abu Abdullah which reported from his father, that once Abu Abdullah al-Jadali entered upon commander of faithful (alaihi salam). And (Imam) said: O Abu Abdullah, should I tell you about saying of Allah Azwajal: “Whoever brings good, he shall have better than it; and they shall be secure from terror on the day. And whoever brings evil, these shall be thrown down on their faces into the fire; shall you be rewarded (for) aught except what you did? (Naml 89-90)?”

He said: Sure,  O commander of faithful, may I be your ransom.

(Imam) said: Goodness is acknowledgement of wilayah and love of us ahlalbayt, and evil is rejecting the wilayah and hate of us ahlalbayt. Then he read upon him that verse.