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  1. Salam,

    Thank you for this video, some very interesting and valid points! The centre of the discussion is TRUTH and FALSEHOOD, not who is a ZIONIST lol

    Though 2 parties of the believers can sometimes fight against each other, as stated by the Almighty in His Glourious Book, this does not mean both are on TRUTH. One will inevitably be on FALSEHOOD, or both will be on FALSEHOOD. So the point of the speech is to inform muslims not to get confused in regards to the TRUTH, no matter who or what is on the other side.

    Now my questions to you:

    1. Was the Mother of the Believers correct to wage a war against the Claiph of her time, after Allah (swt) had ordered her in the same Divine Book to REMAIN IN HER HOUSE?

    2. Is it really an unpermissable to criticise the Mother of the Believers when she is in the wrong? If so, what do you say about your Lord, when He criticises her harshly and threatens her with DIVORCE in Sura Tahreem? Shd we wage war against Allah (swt)? Is Allah (swt) an enemy of the Mother of the Believers?

    3. Are Hezbollah waging an incorrect war against the Zionists? Should they be more like AlQaeeda and Bin Laden and just kill innocent muslims while they are shopping in Bazaars, like a bunch of cowardly thieves?

    These speakers, these desendants of the Holy Prophet (saaw) are the only ones defneding the honour of the muslims, while the owners of this site bow to their Zionist masters. Their hatred of TRUTH loving muslims is to a such a degree, they would rather cause fitna and be ruled by Zionists, then allow these honourable men to fight for their dignity.

  2. Dear Rafidi guest, your comment is filled with the basic lies that the Rafidi clergy FED their Rafidi flock from childhood on. Namely the LIE that Aisha INTENDED to FIGHT Ali and DISPUTED his leadership. Everything’s been refuted here:

    you see, she never waged a war, may Allah curse your Ayadollar$ for this lie, she herself said that she came out (with TWO MAHRAMS, and leaving the house is permissible with mahrams, like for Hajj, Umrah. Even in your sect you believe that Fatimah left her house WITHOUT mahrams and went to Abu Bakr!!!) to RECONCILE. SHe was respected AND knowledge was taken from her TILL HER DEATH (refer to Ibn Abbas from the Ahl Al-Bayt).

    Hizbullah rather the Hizb of Satan are without a shadow of a doubt the enemies of Islam for fighting Israel does not make you a good Muslim. Otherwise Fidel Castro the Atheist Communist is a good Muslim too for opposing America. This might be Rafidi understanding but not the Muslims one.

    Hizbullat are followers of majosi khomeini who claim they are very proud to be his followers (as seen in the video above where nasrallat says he is proud to be follower of majosi khomeini), Khomeini was famous for his takfir, curses and abuses towards Ayesha and sahaba. He wrote book in which he called Ayesha, Talha, zubair and Muawiyya worst than dogs and pigs. Refer to this link: http://sonsofsunnah.com/2011/09/06/khomeini-the-heretic-enemy-of-islam/

    Your Hizbul-Iblis are truly a fools (to say the least) for making such a faulty comparison and he should have realised that a huge number of people would understand it in the typical Shia way which is that ‘Aisha (ra) is an evil Kafir.

    we can not judge him as innocent knowing full well that these “sermons” by the leaders of the Hezb are written on paper and are usually revised over and over before they utter them on national TV.

    your understanding is enough…

    • Salam 🙂

      I see that you have ignored question 2 from my above post. Nonetheless lets address some of your points:

      Firstly – No where in the Quran Shareef does Allah (swt) forbid Fatima (sa) leaving her house, but He specifically forbids the wives of the Prophet (saaw). I dont understand what you think this Ayat is asking for? Are you trying to tell us that it means they are not allowed out UNLESS accompanied by a Mahram?? I have not said Aisha was wrong to leave BECAUSE she didnt have a Mahram. We state Aisha was wrong to leave even if she took 200 Mahrams, because the below verse is clearly telling her to stay indoors:

      “And stay in your houses and do not display your finery like the displaying of the ignorance of yore; and keep up prayer, and pay the poor-rate, and obey Allah and His Messenger.” (33:33)

      Which other Wives of the Prophet (saaw) accompanied her? How many other wives left their houses? Please elaborate for us all, you may use your own sunni sources. It will help us understand this event from your perspective.

      Secondly – I have listened to a bit of the above speech you have posted, inshallah i will finnish it, but it is absolutely amazing the opinion you guys have of the Sahaba. The Shia claim some were good, some were bad, not all were on the same level. But the conclusion of the above is that you believe NONE of them are worth following, because a small group of deviants managed to infiltrate BOTH camps, and made them Kill each other?! Are the great companions/family of the Prophet (saaw) so lacking in understanding, that they were BOTH DUPED into a battle?? The killing of thousands of muslims occurred because of a handful of invented followers of Abdullah ibn Saba? The conclusion according to you is that both sides are WRONG, because they couldn’t see they were being used by elements in their own armies for war!

      We all know that Abdullah ibn Saba was invented by the great Saif ibn Umar, and we can see that desperate followers of his are still using his lies to make excuses for established historic facts. Please tell us who else has mentioned Abdullah ibn Saba prior to Saif ibn Umar? We can then investigate if there is any truth in his existence.

      Thank You 🙂

      • stop being childish and spamming after being refuted. So you seriously telling us that the wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him) were basically imprisoned in their house (i.e. not leaving it AT ALL) after the Prophet’s demise? What about studying some basics, my dear Rafidi? Aisha, Umm Salamah and the OTHER WIVES went almost every year to the HAJJ after the Prophet’s advise, because there are valid reasons for ALL women including the wives to leave their houses. It is quite hilarious are a Rafidi becomes what he accuses others (“Wahhabi literalists”).

        And indeed ‘Aisha was not right in her decision to leave for RECONCILATION (as she herself said that she went for reconcilation and actions are based on intention). This is what all Sunni scholars agree. But she was convinced by others, and she went out for a good purpose, hence Muslims do not belittle her a BIT nor do they avoid her when it comes to knowledge.

        Lastly, only a TINY minority of the Prophet’s Sahaba engaged in the Fitnah, not THE Sahabah and the group of those tiny minority (Ali some Sahaba and their followers, Talha, Zubair some Sahaba and their followers) did not intend to fight eachother, it were Munafiqs who started the ACTUAL fight, Munafiqs like the Rafidah Shia.

        Abdullah Ibn Saba was NOT invented by Saif bin Omar and we are not desperate because:

        1. Classical Shia scholars APPROVED his role and existence (to an extent, yet Rafidah of today DESPERATELY completely deny his EXISTENCE!!!)
        2. It was not only Saif bin Omar who mentioned him, Sunnis got other SAHIH narrations proving that he set the basics of your cult (i.e. cursing the major Sahabah and introducing the so called divine leadership of Ali). Loads of proofs here:

        and: http://islamic-forum.net/index.php?showtopic=15031

        but it’s ok, if your high priest like Yaser Al Habib are that ignorant, then there is nothing to be expected from some random Rafidi one our blog.

        May Allah guide you.

      • as for point two:

        This proofs your ignorance and the sad state of the Rafidah flock who are either being brain damaged in their Husseiniyyah’s (smacking of the head) or being brain washed (fairy-tales of Ayadollar$, again in the Husseiniyyah’s sadist temples). It is THE AHL AL SUNNAH who are on the middle path, it is them who love the Sahaba and Ahl Al-Bayt it is them who know very well that EVERY person makes mistake (except Prophet’s when it comes to WAHI/REVELATION). It is the Ahl Al-Sunnah who even narrated narrations that some “minor” Sahaba, HEAVILY disagreed with MAJOR Sahaba, examples:

        – Ibn Abbas (Bani Hashimi) disagreed with Ali bin Abi Talib (Hashimi) when he (Ali) burned down the SABAITES (Rafidah forefathers).
        – Ibn Omar (SON OF OMAR bin KHattab) REBUKED people when they started to argue with “Abu Bakr and Omar said/did”, for they are not INFALLIBLE.

        This is the sincerity of the people of the Sunnah. Everyone makes mistakes, Abu Bakr, Omar, Fatimah, Aisha etc. EXCEPT the Prophet (in Wahi issues). Hence we see the Ahl Al-Sunnah having replied to your question #2 over 1000 years ago, namely when they proudly said: Indeed ALI was in Haqq in the fitnah of Jamal and Siffin. Shaykh Al-Albani (Salafi-Sunni scholar) openly said, that there is no doubt that -although Aisha’s intention were good – the outcome of her involving in the Fitnah was not good, hence she was not right, Ali was right and she herself regretted it.

        Shaykh Al-Albani:


        was even so sincere and refuted some scholars who claimed that the Hadith (Dogs of Hawab, where the Prophet proclaimed that one of his wives will ride a camel and the dogs of Al Hawab will bark at her) is Dha3eef! The Hadith is Sahih, yet Aisha was told that the place was NOT Hawab. Al-Albani goes on and says that the difference between us Sunnis (middle-path) and Rafidi Shi’ites is the GHULUW (extremism). They even declare their IMAMS to be ABSOLUTE infallible, yet we Muslims have no problems in acknowlidging that any of the Sahabah made mistakes, even Umm Al-Mu’mineen.

        He futher says:

        و لا نشك أن خروج أم المؤمنين كان خطأ من أصله

        “There is no doubt that (Aishah) going out was a mistake from the beginning”.

        So we honestly say, yes, she shouldn’t have to leave in the first place (this does not mean that she is not allowed to leave the house per se). Her intentions were good, but it turned to a Fitnah (those who demanded Othman’s blood opposed Ali in his decision in regards to Othman’s blood). If this is not critic then there is no such a thing as critic.

        The difference between the Sunni-Muslim and the heretic Rafidi-Shi’ite approach is:

        – Muslims do acknowledge her mistakes, but do not add any lies and hatred to it (she INTENDED to WAGE a war against Ali, she did not recognise him as a Khalifa per se)

        – Muslims do not do Takfeer on her, nor declare her a heretic. Rather we have Sahih narration from IBN ABBAS himself (Bani Hashim) who praised her till her last breath. All the major Sahaba took knowledge from her till her DEATH yet Rafidi seem to know better …

        Here some evidences: http://islamic-forum.net/index.php?showtopic=15349&st=0&p=100709&fromsearch=1&#entry100709

        Yet it is no secret that the CLASSICAL major scholars of Shi’ism (Sadooq, Kuleini etc.) and later ones (Majlisi) cursed and declared her! Khomeini the filthy devil declared her even more impure than a dog and pig:

        (evidence with SCAN: http://sonsofsunnah.com/2011/09/06/khomeini-the-heretic-enemy-of-islam/ )

        here ANOTHER big Ayadollar accusing her of adultery: http://islamistruth.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/aisharas-betrayal-between-impossibility-and-reality/

        and lastly, as for her being critisised. Well, this is not a secret, in fact she and HAFSA were critisised, the only dilemma is that the foolish Rafidi Ayadollar$ use the verses of WARNING (like in Surah Tahrim) for their devilish-takfeeri agenda to somehow proof that Aaisha and Hafsa were Kafirs per Qur’anic text!!! This is sheer stupidity for the Prophet peace be upon him was warned and rebuked severer than Aisha and Hafsa:


        Now, would any sane man go around and accuse the Prophet (upon him be the peace and blessings of Allah) of Kufr or critisise him day and night?

        Wake up O Shia, wake up for indeed your were fooled by the Persian Magians (Majoos) of Qom!

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