Kitab Sulaim Bin Qais – Shia scholars contradict one another and lie against Ahlul-Sunnah

al-Salamu ‘Aleykum,

The topic is about Abban ibn abi ‘Ayyash who is accused of fabricating the book of Suleim bin Qays al-Hilali, we will read the sayings of two Shia scholars regarding this man and see how they contradict each other and lie against Ahlul-Sunnah at the same time.

Document: “Suleim ibn Qays” researched by Muhammad Baqir al-Ansari, page 82:

1- Al-Astar-Abadi said in Minhaj al-Maqal: “I saw that those who differ with us(Sunnies) weakened him mainly because of his Tashayu’u(Shiism).” (1)

2- Al-Meer Hamid Husein said in Istiqsaa al-Afham: “Abban bin abi ‘Ayyash is considered according to the Sunnies to be also one of their greatest scholars and they consider him from the best and most trustworthy of the Tabi’een(Followers)…” (2)

(1) Minhaj al-Maqal, pg 15.
(2) Istiqsaa al-Afham, 1/563-564-566.



The first thing you notice is that they contradict each-other, the first scholar says that he saw that we weaken him because he’s a Shia, the other says that he is trustworthy and one of our biggest scholars… obviously one of these men has to be a liar, we read what the Scholars of Ahlul-Sunnah say about him:

أحمد بن حنبل: أبان كذاب.
Ahmad bin Hanbal said: Abban is a liar.
شعبة بن الحجاج:”لأن يزني الرجل خير من أن يروي عن أبان”.
Shu’ubah bin al-Hajjaj said: If a man would commit adultery that would be better for him than narrating from Abban.

علي بن المديني:”كان ضعيفا”
‘Ali bin al-Madeeni: He was weak.

وكيع بن الجراح:”منكر الحديث”
Wai’i bin al-Jarrah: His Hadith is Munkar.

قال يحيى بن القطان : متروك
Yahya bin al-Qattan: He is abandoned.

ابن عدي:عامة ما يرويه لا يتابع عليه, وهو بين الأمر في الضعف, وأرجو أنه لا يتعمد الكذب, إلا أنه يشبه عليه ويغلط, وهو إلى الضعف أقرب منه إلى الصدق.
ibn ‘Adi: Most of what he narrates we can not find that which supports it from others, his weakness is clear, I hope he is not intentionally lying but that he gets confused and makes mistakes, he is closer to weakness than to trustworthiness.

سفيان الثوري:كَانَ أَبَانُ نَسِيًّا لِلْحَدِيثِ.
Suffian al-Thawri: Abban was forgetful in Hadith.

أبو داود: “لا يكتب حديثه”
Abu Dawood: His Hadith is not written.

الفلاس:”متروك الحديث”
al-Fallas: His Hadith is abandoned.

al-Sa’adi: Fallen.

يحيى بن معين:”متروك الحديث”
Yahya bin Ma’een: His Hadith is abandoned.

ابن سعد: بصري متروك الحديث
Ibn Sa’ad: From al-Basarah, his Hadith is abandoned.

النسائي:”متروك الحديث”
al-Nasaee: His Hadith is abandoned.

أبو عوانة: ما أستحل أن أروي عنه.
Abu ‘Awanah: I would not grant permission to narrate from him.

أبو حاتم الرازي:”متروك الحديث”
Abu Hatam al-Razi: His Hadith is abandoned.

أبو زرعة الرازي:ترك حديثه
Abu Zara’ah al-Razi: They left his Hadith.

الفسوي:ذكره في “باب من يرغب عن الرواية عنهم”
al-Fsawi: mentioned him in the section “Chapter on those whose narrations are ignored.”

الحاكم:”منكر الحديث تركه شعبة وأبو عوانة ويحيى وعبد الرحمن”.
al-Hakim: His Hadith is Munkar, Shu’ubah and abu ‘Awanah and Yahya and ‘Abdul-Rahman all left him.

الدارقطني:”متروك الحديث”
al-Darqutni: His Hadith is abandoned.

قال الساجي: “كان رجلا صالحا سخيا فيه غفلة يهم في الحديث ويخطئ فيه”
al-Saji: He was a good man but he was ignorant and made lots of mistakes.

يَزِيدُ بْنُ زُرَيْعٍ: تَرَكْتُ أَبَانَ .
Yazid bin Zurayi’i: I left Abban.

الذهبي: هالك.
al-Dhahhabi: He shall perish.


It turns out both Shia scholars are liars, he was not weakened because he’s a Shia, we narrate from lots of Hadith from trustworthy Shia of various teams, so both al-Meer Hamid Husein and al-Astar-abadi contradict each other and lie upon the Muslims.

Salam ‘Aleykum.

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