Laugh with shia ayatolla – liar – idiot

Salam alaikum, in one previous posts, we have already talk about shia scholar, Muhammad Jamil Hamood al-Amili. They labelled him – al-Muhaqiq, Religious Marjia.   As a result of his researches this maloon, accused mother of believers in zinah, walaudhubillah.

And now another example of idiocy and lie from this shia writer.

In his book “Mana an-Nasibi wa Hukm Tazawuj maahu”  p 177:

وصدق الزمخشري وهو من علماء المعتزلة إذ نُقل عنه قوله :  إن الوهابي تيسٌ لا يدري ولا يفهم


And truthful was az-Zamahshari, and he is from scholars of al-Mutazila, when it was reported from him, his saying: Indeed al-Wahabi – he-goat, he doesn’t know and doesn’t understand

We would like to say that this al-Amili himself he-goat and idiot, because az-Zamahshari died in 538 hijri, long – long time before birth of shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdulwahab at-Tamimi! So how on earth he could say such thing about wahabi?

Actually he twisted the words, this is taken from a Poem by al-Zamakhshari when he was talking about all groups, the Hanafis and Shafi’is and Malikis and Hanbalis and Ahlul-Hadith, they’re not his words he was just saying that {{If you call yourself from Ahlul-Hadith they will say “A goat that doesn’t understand”}} he’s criticizing the people who criticize groups and schools within Ahlul-Sunnah.