Words of ibn Rahaweyh on Muawiyah (r.a)

Praise to Allah, in one from our previous posts we explained that there is sound report in praise of Muawiyah.

But we can see shias using saying which is attributed to Imam al-Muhadith Ishaq ibn Rahaweyh, as if he has said: There is nothing authentic from prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) in praise of Muawiyah.

We answer to this doubt:

1) Let us suppose that these words were correctly attributed to Imam. What would they mean? There is no sound reports in this as he said? No. That would mean that he didn’t come across with such reports. All that he has seen weak or fabricated reports about this.

2) This expression from ibn Rahaweyh was narrated by Hakim as it is in Siyar of Dhahabi (3/132) and “Fawaid al Majmua” of Shawkani from the way of al-Asm Abul Abbas Muhammad ibn Yaqub al-Asm, which said “narrated to me my father, which said: I heard ibn Rahaweyh saying”. And in “Fawaid” words “narrated to my father” were dropped. And it is established, (because) al-Asm didn’t hear from ibn Rahaweyh.

Yaqub ibn Yusuf ibn Maqal, Abu Fadl an-Naysaburi, father of al-Asm – status was unknown. His bio was given by al-Hatib in his history (14/286), and what added upon these words (of ibn Rahaweyh, that this Yaqub) came to Baghdad and narrated this from Ishaq ibn Rahaweyh. And from him narrated Muhammad ibn Mukhalad.

Source: http://www.saaid.net/Doat/Althahabi/7.htm