Shaykh Albani on Rafida

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Question: Is it permitted to give salam to rafida?

Rough translation:


This has to do with the view regarding Rafidha in general, whether they are Muslims orkafir. Whoever sees them as Muslim, he would give salam to them, and would respond to them if they gave salam. As for those that see them as kuffar he should not give salam to them, but should return the salam if they start, in the known detailed way, but this is not the time for me to go into details. As for me personally, I do not see takfeer in the whole of a nation, or group, or people, if we know for sure that they bear witness in La ilaha illa Allah – Mohammed rasool Allah. I am not one who sees it encouraging in takfeeras a group. However, takfeer, if one has to do it, it should be done per individual if we see evidence of theirkufur and after evidence has been proven upon him. Also, and I feel that you agree with me on this point, it isn’t easy to be sure of this, and the practical way is that it is permissible to give salam upon them and return the salam with the intention of uniting the hearts, due to not knowing as to whether or not theshari’ee evidence has been established on them due for their supposed kufur.


I, at work, have some of them with me, and let’s say that I have established upon him the hujjah, then it is permissible at that (to make takfeer), right?