Ahmad bin Mohammed bin Al-Hasan bin Al-Waleed

For those that aren’t aware, many if not most of Al-Tusi’s chains to books and narrations include a narrator called Ahmad bin Mohammed bin Al-Hasan bin Al-Waleed. This narrator, is unknown, but to how often he is quoted, Shia fiqh and books in general would be rendered useless without proper tawtheeq given for him.

Due to this, several late scholar attempted to make tawtheeq for him by giving reasons like that he was considered trustworthy by late scholars, or that Al-Tusi and Al-Mufeed relied on him heavily, which makes him reliable.

Ironically, shia shaykh Al-Mohseni says the following in response to their claims:

“I say: Those that have found our book will know that these reasons that are given do not equate trustworthiness. However, the heart does not allow us to reject his narrations. So, we must accept his narrations out of caution.”

(Buhooth fi Ilm Al-Rijal, p. 339)

How can this be a form of caution?! Shouldn’t one be cautious and REJECT this man instead due to the lack of tawtheeq?

al-Khoei considered him majhool though.

لاشتماله على أحمد بن محمد بن الحسن بن الوليد وهو ممن لم يوثق في الرجال 

إلاّ أنّ طرق الشيخ كلّها ضعيفة،فإنّ الطريق الاوّل فيه: أحمد بن محمد بن الحسن ولم يرد فيه توثيق