Imam ar-Ridha on the superiority of Yusuf (alaihi salam) upon himself and upon caliph al-Mamoon

Yes, the Ahl Al-Bayt believed like the Sunnis (or as the Rafidha like to say: Omari-Bakri-Umayyad-Wahhabis, what a beautiful chain) do:

Source: Ilal us Sharae p 233, hadith 2

Author: Sh. Saduq.

حدثنا المظفر بن جعفر بن المظفر رضى الله عنه قال حدثنا جعفر بن محمد ابن مسعود، عن ابيه قال حدثنا محمد بن نصير، عن الحسن بن موسى قال روى اصحابنا عن الرضا ” ع ” انه قال له رجل اصلحك الله كيف صرت إلى ما صرت إليه من المأمون فكان انكر ذلك عليه فقال له أبو الحسن ” ع ” يا هذا انما افضل النبي أو الوصي؟ فقال لا بل النبي قال فايما أفضل مسلم أو مشرك؟ قال لا بل مسلم قال فان العزيز عزيز مصر كان مشركا وكان يوسف ” ع ” نبيا وان المأمون مسلم وانا وصى ويوسف سأل العزيز ان يوليه حين قال اجعلني على خزائن الارض انى حفيظ عليم والمأمون اجبرني ما أنا فيه وقال ” ع ” في قوله تعالى (اجعلني على خزائن الارض انى حفيظ عليم) قال حافظ لما في يدى عالم بكل لسان.


(Chain) from al-Hasan ibn Musa: Our companions narrated from ar-Ridha (alaihi salam), that man said to him: May Allah reconcile you, how did you come to that what al-Mamoon came with to you, and you use to condemn him for that? ar-Ridha said: Hey such, who is better messenger or wasi? He said: Messenger. Then he asked: And who is better Muslim or Mushrik? He said: Muslim. Then Imam said: Powerful, the powerful (sultan) of Egypt was mushrik and Yusuf was messenger. AND AL-MAMOON IS MUSLIM AND I AM WASI. And Yusuf asked Powerful (sultan) to make him governor, when he asked him: Set me over the store-houses of the land: I will indeed guard them, as one that knows (their importance). And al-Mamoon forced me to what I am in now. …


1) It is clear from this report that ar-Ridha (r) wasn’t on the view that he was afdal (better) than prophet Yusuf (alaihi salam).

2) ar-Ridha (r) was on on the view that al-Mamoon, which in accordance to modern shia stance was disbeliever, was Muslim.

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