Abdulhussain al-Musawi answers to Abdulhussain al-Musawi

Salaam alaikum.

Noticed one interesting point in book “al-Murajiat” (Muasasat Wafa). And want to share with muslims. Indeed about such people like Abdulhussain it was said: He is more misguided than his domestic donkey.

This shia in his book in letter number 16 said:

25. Zayd ibn al-Habab Abul-Hasan al-Kufi al-Tamimi

Ibn Qutaybah has included his biography among those whose biographies he has included among Shi`a dignitaries in his work Al-Ma`arif. Al-Thahbi has mentioned him in his Al-Mizan describing him as “pious trustworthy truthful.” He indicates his being vouched as trustworthy by Ibn Ma`in and Ibn al-Madini. He has quoted Abu Hatim and Ahmed describing him as truthful adding that `Adi has said: “He is one of the reliable Kufi traditionists whose trustworthiness is never doubted.” Muslim has relied on his authority. Refer to the latter’s sahih containing his hadith as narrated by Mu`awiyah ibn Salih al-Dahhak ibn `Uthman Qurrah ibn Khalid Ibrahim ibn Nafi` Yahya ibn Ayyub Saif ibn Sulayman Hasan ibn Waqid `Ikrimah ibn `Ammar `Abdul-`Aziz ibn Abu Salma and `Aflah ibn Sa`id. His hadith is quoted by Ibn Abu Shaybah Muhammad ibn Hatim Hasan al-Hulwani Ahmed ibn al-Munthir Ibn Namir Ibn Karib Muhammad ibn Rafi` Zuhair ibn Harb and Muhammad ibn al-Faraj.

Now keeping all this in mind, let us check bio of other narrator that Abdulhussain give few pages after. He said:

71. Fadil ibn Marzuq al-Aghar al-Ruwasi al-Kufi Abu `Abdul-Rahman

Al-Thahbi mentions him in his Mizan and describes him as a well-known Shi`a quoting Sufyan ibn `Ayinah and Ibn Ma`in testifying to this fact. He quotes Ibn `Adi saying that he hopes there is nothing wrong with the hadith he narrates then he quotes al-Haytham ibn Jamil saying that the latter once mentioned Fadl ibn Marzuq once and described him as “one of the Imams of guidance.”

In his Sahih Muslim relies on the authority of Fadil’s ahadith which deals with prayers as transmitted by Shaqiq ibn `Uqbah and with zakat by `Adi ibn Thabit. His hadith dealing with zakat as recorded by Muslim is transmitted by Yahya ibn Adam and Abu Usamah. In the sunan his hadith is quoted by Waki` Yazid Abu Na`im `Ali ibn al-Ja`d and many peers. Zayd ibn al-Habab has in fact lied regarding what he attributed to him of hadith dealing with the appointment of `Ali (a.s.) as Amr by the Prophet (p.b.u.h.). He died may Allah have mercy on him in 158.

So as real hypocrite and liar, this Abdulhussain praises Zayd ibn al-Habab when it suitable to him, but when he sees something from him which contradicts his rafidi beliefs, he accuse him in lie.

What else can we do expect laugh at this ignorant liar al-Musawi?