Q/A – : Defending Abu Huraira (ra)


As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh

I posted hadiths to a person who says that nobody has narrated anything about Abu Huraira’s (ra) virtues, but the kafir dismissed it because the source is ad-Dhahabi who came hundreds of years later. My understanding is that these later scholars took hadiths from different compilations and gather them in one. For example, ad-Dhahabi would take one hadith from say Sahih at-Tirmidhi and put it in the chapter regarding Abu Huraira (ra). Is this true? Could you check what are the original sources from which ad-Dhahabi (rah) took those hadiths? Furthermore, could you check if there are hadiths where other Companions (ra) narrate from Abu Huraira (ra). I know this is a big task, so may God reward you. Look forward to hearing from you. The hadiths with the references are below:

It was said to Ibn Omar: “Do you deny anything that is said by Abu Hurayrah? Ibn Omar answered: “No, but he had the courage and we lacked it.” Al-Thahabi, “Sayr A’alam Al-Nubala’a,” Vol.2 p.608

Ash’ath bin Saleem narrated from his father who says: “When I came to the Medina, I saw Abu Ayyub narrates from Hurayrah who narrated from the Prophet peace be upon him. I asked him how he could do that and he is the companion of the Prophet? He answered: “To hear and narrate from Abu Hurayrah who narrated from the Prophet peace be upon him is more beloved to me than to narrate directly from the Prophet peace be upon him.” Al-Thahabi, “Sayr A’alam Al-Nubala’a,” Vol.2 p.606

Mu’awiyah bin Abi A’aysh Al-Ansari narrates that once he was sitting with Ibn Al-Zubair when Muhammad ben Eyas ben Al-Bakee came and asked about the religious verdict of a man who divorced his wife three times before sexual intercourse. So Ibn Abi Ayash sent the man to Abu Hurayrah and Ibn Abbas who both were with Aysha. The man left and asked Abu Hurayrah and Ibn Abbas the same question. Ibn Abbas asked Abu Huraryah: “Here you got an enigma, give him an answer Abu Hurayrah.” Abu Hurayrah answered: “The first divorce makes your wife a Bayyinah divorcee, and the third one makes her forbidden on you.” Ibn Abbas said the same thing. Al-Thahabi, “Sayr A’alam Al-Nubala’a,” Vol.2 p.607

Abu Anas Malik bin Abi A’amir says: “Once a man came to Talha bin Ubaydillah and said: “O’ father of Muhammad! Do you know this Yamani – Abu Hurayrah –? Is he more knowledgeable about the Prophet’s hadeeth than you? Because we hear things from him that we do not hear from you. Or does he narrate what the Prophet did not really say?” Ibn Ubaydillah answered: “That Abu Hurayrah heard from the Prophet peace be upon him what we did not hear then there is no doubt about it. Let me tell you about it. We always had to take care of our houses, goats and works. We used to visit the messenger of Allah peace be upon him at the two folds of daylight and Abu Hurayrah was there and poor. He was a guest at the Prophet’s house, and had nothing in his hands. Therefore we do not doubt it that he heard from the Prophet what we did not hear, and you would never find a man who has goodness in his self that he would say what the messenger of Allah did not say.” Al-Thahabi, “Sayr A’alam Al-Nubala’a,” Vol.2 p.605-606


Answered by: Ibn Abi Effendi

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

Alaikuma salam wa rahmatullah wa Barakatuh.

First of all I would like to advice you, not to be quick in the matters of takfir. 

As for your question:

Dhahabi in Siyar mentioned companion which narrated from Abu Huraira as it is in 6 books of ahadeth:

 إبراهيم بن إسماعيل ، وإبراهيم بن عبد الله بن حنين ، وإبراهيم بن عبد الله بن قارظ الزهري – ويقال : عبد الله بن إبراهيم- وإسحاق مولى زائدة ، وأسود بن هلال ، وأغر بن سليك ، والأغر أبو مسلم ، وأنس بن حكيم ، وأنس بن مالك ، وأوس بن خالد 

Ibrahim ibn Ismail, Ibrahim ibn Abdullah ibn Janin, Ibrahim ibn Abdullah ibn Qaradh az-Zuhri, and it was said that he is Abdullah ibn Ibrahim, and Ishaq mawla of Zadah, and Aswad ibn Hilal, and Aghr ibn Sulaik, and al-Aghr Abu Muslim, and Anas ibn Hakim, and Anas ibn Malik and Ows ibn Khalid.

Hadith 1 which you mentioned from Siyar was narrated Abu Dawud in Sunnan 1261 and was authenticated by Albani. 

Hadith 2 was narrated by Hakim in Mustadrak 6175.

Hadith 3 was narrated by Beyhaki in Sunnan al-Kubra 14743

Hadith 4 was narrated by Tirmizi in Sunnan 3387, chain is weak as said shaykh Albani.

Also I advice to you to refer to thread at our forum, where our respected brother defended and refuted doubts about Abu Hurayra (r.a).