Could shia hadith be rejected because it is weird?

When we say weird report it is mean such kind of report which contradicts to known and well accepted reality. For example if any report says that prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) said that doomsday would happen 100 years after his demise, we would reject it. Because it is established that this didn’t happen, and we do believe that this was wrongly attributed to prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam). But shias? Could they do this?

Shaykh of shias Hashim al-Bahrani in his book “Al-Lawami an-Noraniyah” (p 549) narrated:



(Chain) from Sufyan ibn as-Samt: I said to Abdullah (alaihi salam) “May I be sacrifice to you, a man comes to us from your side and he is a known liar so he narrates to us and we find what he narrates ugly and strange.” The Imam said: “Does he say to you that I said that the day is night and the night is day?” He said: “No” The Imam said: “Even if he did say this then you must not reject it or say it is a lie because it is as if you say I am a Liar.”

And it was also narrated in “Saheefatul Abrar” (1/24) by Hujjatul Islam Mirza Muhammad Taqi:


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  1. Good post.

    I have been following your site for 6 months and have to say I gained much knowledge. From what I have understood is that shias did not have any formal and complete system of collecting, analyzing and authenticating Hadiths, They adopted Ahlus Sunnah’s system of verfication of Hadiths but in very poor way. They cannot properly distinguish their truthful narrators from liars nor can they know for sure whether the narration is sahih or daeef.

    If possible could you please make a post on Shiites System of Verifying Hadeeths and its Origin (ie, copying from Ahlus Sunnah rather than taking from their Infallible Imams) and how faulty the system is. Thanks.

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