Muhammad Sadiq Ruhani: Soul of Fatima made from Allah’s magnificence

Grand ayatolla Ruhani said:

I have researched comments from all the Shia  scholars and many of the Sunni scholars and have come to the conclusion that the origin and main material of Hazrate Fatemeh (sa) worldly body is the heavenly, fresh, beautiful and best fruits and trees, and her soul that God bestowed matches this blessed body    and it is the secret of God so we cannot recognise the truth of it. The only thing we can understand is the points we have been told by the Islamic narrations, which show that Hazrat Fatemeh’s (sa) luminous soul is made of God’s magnificence and splendour,

And he also said:

I have researched all of the speeches made by Shia scholars and many from the Sunni and other schools of thought and have come to the conclusion that the composition of the earthly body of Hazrat Seddigheh Tahereh Fatemeh Zahra (sa) is not the same as oursand is not perishable. In fact, the external and materialistic aspect of this holy existence is from the freshness and beauty of heaven and its tallest trees and best fruit. Similarly, by the wisdom of God, the honorable soul of this great lady is full of divine secrets and mysteries of which we have no understanding or knowledge other than the information received through narrations showing that Fatemeh’s (sa) luminous soul is created from God’s glory and splendor. This understanding is found in some of the narration books such as Ma’ani Al-Akhbar Sadoogh where Imam Sadiq (as) quotes his grandfather the chief of the Prophets:

The light of Fatemeh’s (sa) existence was created before the creation of the sky and the earth.”

Some people asked, “Oh God’s Prophet! Is not Fatemeh’s (sa) essence the same as other humans?”

The Prophet (saw) replied: “Fatemeh is a heavenly being in the body of a human and God created her before the creation of Adam, the Universe, and the other human souls… from his luminous light.”

“God created Fatemeh ( human houri ) from His light before Adam creation…”

In this regard, any ambiguity relating to this divine narration found in many of the narration books is easily cleared:

“If it wasn’t for you, I would not have created the Universe, and if it wasn’t for Ali, I would not have created you, and if it wasn’t for Fatemeh, I would not have created either of you.”

Therefore it becomes clear why on the Day of Judgment as Hazrat Fatemeh (sa) enters the fresh and beautiful heaven, all the Prophets from Adam through to even the last and leader of the Prophets Hazrat Mohammad (saw) who rush to see his unrivalled and wise daughter.

And it also becomes clear why after the resurrection of mankind and accountability of their deeds, the Holy Prophet (saw) is the first person to proceed towards heaven, and there is only one group of people that will precede him and that is the honorable group of Hazrat Fatemeh (sa).


1) Fatima (r.a) in accordance to them was not simple human as all others. Her body was not perishable.

2) Fatima (r.a) was created before everything in accordance to them.

3) Fatima (r.a) was the reason that prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam) was created!

4) She and group (let me see: 12 Imams?) would enter heaven before prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam)!

And in last two CLEAR EVIDENCE that in accordance to these zanadiqah, Fatima (r.a) was superior to prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam)!


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  1. Ridicilous if Faimah was created before Adam that means she was and Allah swt.does not place a jinn in the creation of those who wiuld inhabit the earth a 2nd time around as they lived on this earth before us.

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