Shia Muzaffar makes takfir to Ahlesunnah

Book: Akaidul Imamiyah

Author: Muhammad Rza Muzaffar

Page 22 he said:

vision does not perceive him, yet he perceives everything. anyone who likens him to his creatures, for example one who supposes that allah has a face, hands and eyes, or says that he comes down to the lowest heaven, or that he will appear to the people of paradise like a moon, and so forth, he is as one who does not believe in Allah

Page 23, he said:

similarly, one who believes that he will be seen by his creatures on the day of judgement is an unbeliever. even though he does not liken Allah to anyone in appearance.


Muslims do believe that Allah Taala would be seen by his creaturely in paradise, and that He would be seen without a problem, like we can see the Moon, and they do believe that He descends to the lowest heaven.

This shia shaykh made clear takfir to people which do hold such beliefs!