Testimony from imam on Uluw

Shia shaykh Abu Jafar al-Barqi (d 274), in his book “al-Mahasin” (1/231-231) narrated from Abu Basir, which reported from one of Imams:

لا تكذبوا الحديث إذا أتاكم به مرجئ ولا قدري ولا حروري ينسبه إلينا ، فإنكم لا تدرون لعله شئ من الحق فيكذب الله فوق عرشه
Don’t reject hadith which ascribed to us, if it come to you from muriji, or qadari, or haruri. Because you don’t know, perhaps things from the truth (in those reports)AND (BY REJECTING IT) YOU WOULD LIE UPON ALLAH (WHICH IS) BEYOND THE ARSH.

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And it was also narrated by Muhammad Taqi in “Saheefatul Abrar” (1/24)