Commentary of Surah at-Tin

We have already gave an example of commentary of this surah from shia source. This is the second one.

Shaykh of shias Mirza Muhammad al-Mamiqani in his “Huroof an-Noraniya” (p 209) narrated from imam ar-Rida:


From Muhammad ibn Fudayl: I said to Abul Hasan ar-Rida (alaihi salam): Tell me about words of Allah “I swear by the fig and the olive” till the end of the Surah. He said: “I swear by the fig and the olive” THAT IS HASAN AND HUSAYN. I asked: (what about) ” And mount Sinai”?  He said that is not “وَطُورِ سِينِينَ ” but it is “طُورِ سِيناء”. I said: طُورِ سِيناء?? He said: Yes, and that is commander of faithful. I said: (and what about) ” And this city made secure”? He said: That is messenger of Allah (sallalahu alaihi wa ali), people became safe by him, if they obey him…