Raining Fish and etc

Bismillah wal-Hamdulillah,

I just got my hands on a book called “al-Qasas al-‘Ajeebah” printed by Maktabat al-Faqih in Kuwait in 1990, written by Sayyed ‘Abdul-Hussein Dastgheib “عبد الحسين دستغيب” and in the intro of this book he says on page 15:

“I the weak slave have witnessed and seen during my life stories from pious God fearing slaves”

So let’s see what this Shia scholar heard and what he saw from the God fearing pious slaves he met, there are lots of stories in the book so let’s pick some of the best ones , namely story number 142 on page 391:

{ The respectable scholar al-Mawlawi told:
While I was eight years of age, there was heavy rain and I saw with my own eyes a fish drop from the sky, and in less than half a minute a cat came and ate it.
This kind of story happened in Bahrain, when I was on my way back during world war II, I couldn’t go through Iran so I took an airplane to Bahrain and when we landed the people told me in Tawatur that:
“We were hungry for a whole week and no food would come because of the war, our supply of lentil and Hummus and Beans ran out , so we went to the Husseiniyah and we made tawassul to him most high, then we saw steam rising from the middle of the ocean and turn into clouds, then it rained fish on us.”
( the translator ) and I saw more than twenty years ago this kind of rain carrying small fish with it. }

– end –

Mashallah everything in Shiism is Mutawatir even raining fish, another example, story # 99: A lion cries in the funeral of Sayyed al-Shuhada (as):

{ Narrated from the respectable ‘Alim, al-Haj Sayyed Muhammad Radawi Kashmiri son of al-Sayyed Murtada al-Kashmiri (rah):

On the foot of a mountain in Kashmir there is a Husseinyah built in a way that those who are outside it can see what is inside it, on the ceiling there is a small hole to let the air and the sunlight come inside.
On the days of ‘Ashuraa a group of Shia would gather to perform mourning rituals for the master of martyrs (as).
On the first night of Muharram comes a lion from a nearby forest and he sits on the ceiling inserting his head through the hole looking at the people mourn, then he would begin to shed many tears and continues to do so until the night of the tenth when he goes back.
In this village they never differed on the beginning of the month of Muharram because they’d know from the coming of the lion on its first night.
The appearance of signs of sadness in some of the animals on the days of ‘Ashuraa of Hussein (as), is something that has always happened and has been transmitted through many trustworthy sources.}

– end –

Anyway I don’t advise anyone to buy this book, it contains stories from Shia scholars mainly, some are funny and ridiculous like this one and some are downright boring, either way they’re many and if I could just mention the titles of some of these stories as an example:

story # 150: Tawssul by Ahlul-Bayt of the Prophet (as) and the guaranteed healing.
story # 140: A french man doing mourning Majlis.
story # 136: Facing al-Hussein (as) is the true Qiblah.
story # 125: A dog on top of the Janazah.
story # 92: Female wolf breast feeds a baby.
story # 91:Sheep breast feeds a baby.
story # 84: Lock opens in the name of al-Zahra (as).

And other such shirki garbage…