Compilation of Quran and corruption in it from shia sources

Shia scholar, Ahmad ibn Abu Talib Tabarsi in “Ihtijaj” 1/205-208, narrates falsely on the authority of Abu Zarr al-Ghafari (R.A.):

“When the Holy Prophet passed away, ‘Ali gathered the Qur’an and produced it to the Immigrants (the Muslims who immigrated from Mecca to Madina) and the Ansar (the people of Madina who supported Prophet Mohammad and became Muslims) as the Holy Prophet had bided him to do so. When Abu Bakr opened the first page, he found some denunciation of the Quraish tribe. At this, ‘Umar leapt forward and said: “O ‘Ali, take it back for we are not in need of it.” Ali took it back. Just then Zaid ibn Thabit, a prominent reciter of the Qur’an appeared, and ‘Umar told him: “‘Ali was here a short while ago with a Qur’an which despises the Immigrants and the Al-Ansar . I think we should compile such a Qur’an wherein all these aspects are omitted.” Zaid agreed with him, but he added: “Once I have completed the Qur’an according to this method and ‘Ali sees it, will your version be not invalidated?” ‘Umar then asked: “What trick should we employ then?” Zaid replied: “You know better of such tricks.” At this, ‘Umar said: “There is no roundabout trick but to kill Ali and be relieved from him in this way.” ‘Umar then thought of having him killed by Khalid bin Al-Walid, but this plan failed. When ‘Umar assumed the leadership of Muslims after some time, the people asked Ali to present his Qur’an. ‘Umar asked him: “O ‘Ali, present the Qur’an which you showed Abu Bakr so that we may agree on it.” At this, ‘Ali said: “This is not possible, I only showed it to Abu Bakr so that the proof may be established on you people, and so that you may not say on the day of Judgement: “We were unaware of it,” “You did not produce it.” The Qur’an in my possession will not be touched except by the pure, and the designated ones of my family.” ‘Umar asked: “Is the time known when it will be presented.” Upon this Ali replied: “Yes, when the Saviour of Times (Shia’s Imam Mahdi) emerges, it will be presented and all the people will agree to it.”