‘Ali is the guide for all Prophets

Shia scholar al-Qadi Sa’eed Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Mufid says in “Sharh Tawheed al-Saduq” vol.2 pg.580, chapter 14:

[By having researched this, it is now clear with the utmost clarity, that there is no Prophet or Wali from the first and the last unless our Mawla ‘Ali (as) is his guide to Allah. And in the narration about the saying of Allah {And for every people a guide} meaning: ‘Ali is the guide to every people, all of them turn to ‘Ali (as) in their prayer in order to reach Allah. From this it is clarified that he (as) was the companion of Ibrahim (as) and the saviour of Nuh (as) and other things which were mentioned by Salman and Abu Dharr (ra).]