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Shia scholar Kulayni in his “Kafi” 8/51 narrated:

55 – محمد عن أحمد عن ابن محبوب عن جميل بن صالح عن أبان بن تغلب عن أبي عبد الله (ع) قال: سألته عن الأرض على أي شيء هي؟ قال: هي على حوت قلت: فالحوت على أي شيء هو؟ قال: على الماء قلت: فالماء على أي شيء هو؟ قال: على صخرة قلت: فعلى أي شيء الصخرة؟ قال: على قرن ثور أملس قلت: فعلى أي شيء الثور؟ قال: على الثرى قلت: فعلى أي شيء الثرى؟ فقال: هيهات عند ذلك ضل علم العلما

Muhammad reported from Ahmad, from ibn Mahbub, from Jamil ibn Salih, from Aban ibn Taghlib, from Abu Abd Allah (upon whom be peace), who said, I asked him about the earth: Upon which does it stand forth? To which he replied: It stands forth upon a whale. I asked: Upon which does the whale stand forth? To which he replied: Upon water. I asked: Upon which does water stand forth? To which he replied: Upon a rock. I asked: Upon which does the rock stand forth? To which he replied: Upon a bull’s smooth horn. I asked: Upon which does the bull stand forth? To which he replied: Upon the ground. I asked: Upon which does the ground stand forth? To which he replied: What an idea? Therewith is lost the knowledge of the men of knowledge.

Other shia sheikh Al-Majlese in “Miratul uqul” said it’s saheeh.

(الحديث الخامس و الخمسون) [حديث الحوت على أي شي‏ء هو]
(2): صحيح.

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  1. Assalaamu `Alaykum,

    I wouldn’t be so surprised about this hadeeth. This same hadeeth is all over the Sunni books.

    Some Sunni Sources:
    1. Ahmad bin Hanbal’s Kitaab al-`Ilal
    2. al-Tabari’s Tareekh al-Tabari and Tafseer al-Tabari
    3. al-Bayhaqi’s Kitaab al-Asmaa’ wa al-Saffaat
    4. Khateeb al-Baghdadi’s Tareekh al-Baghdaad
    5. Jalaal al-Deen al-Suyuti’s al-Durr al-Manthoor

    Wa `Alaykum Assalaam

  2. According to brother Nader, Imam Ahmad brought that hadeeth in Kitaab al ilal(hidden defects) and if I’m not wrong that book deals with the hidden defects in the ahadeeth. So this shows that there were hidden problems in that hadeeth according to Imam Ahmad.

    • this tradition is not there in usul kafi . U r using deceptive method to deviate the people. The scan page u have shown is not there in original usul kafi. It means u have got it from somewhere and u r trying to prove to the reader that it is from kafi.I have got the hard copy of Usul kafi. Dont try the fool the people. Readers must visit libraries to verify the content posted on the site.

  3. brother nadeer said that hadith is reported by ahmed ibn hanbal, as brother slave of allah showed, its a abook discussing defects not hujjah , and thats daleel for you? tarikh at tabari is a book on history NOT HADITH, I have not seen it in their, stop throwing red herrings and provide a full reference, Same goes for durre manthur, which is a tafsir, if you say it is in these respective books, then give the ayah of which chapter under which topic of discussion is this supposed narration mentioned. Al kafi is a vast book with different sections of publication like usul, rudwat, and furuh, problem is shias think they know sunni books , but ask them about their own, and their eyes begin rolling LOL

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