Why was created hell?


Guess why? SubhanAllah, if this is religion of shias, then it doesn’t make more sense than Buddhism.

Shia scholar Hujjatul Islam Mirza Muhammad Taqi in his book “Saheefatul Abrar” (1/335) narrated:


……from ibn Abbas, that prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ali) said: Allah Jalla Jallaluhu said: If people gathered upon Wilayah of Ali – alaihi salam – what for I (should) create fire?


So, making shirk, killing and rejecting prophets, and etc is not enough reason? You know what this hadith mean?  Do whatever you want, make shirk, lick graves, worship to saints and etc, just agree to the wilayah of Ali!

Let us, like Muslims, Like Muwahidin, invoke curse of Allah upon each and everyone who lied upon Allah and His messenger (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam).


5 thoughts on “Why was created hell?

  1. What about Abu Talib….?he even didn’t accept the Prophethood of Prophet Mohammadt(pbuh).
    Shias are the best jokers,their books are full of jokes and Non sense like that.
    Good work done keep it up brother.

    • If people gathered upon the Willaya of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (alayhi’ssalam), then it would mean that they had already accepted Towheed and the Prophethood of the Prophet Salla’llahu alaihi wa Aalih.

      • And yes! I agree with you! May Allah’s curse be upon each and everyone who lied upon Allah and His messenger SAWA.

  2. Wilayah is a concept in Islam dt needs indepth and broader explanation for one to understand its meaning.Like Bid’a,Shirk,Sunnah,Mut’a,Khums,Imama(khilafa)etc;all these are concept that muslims viewed and interprete them differently depending on who one relies in transmition from the holy Prophet(s).The Shia relies on the Imams from the Ahlul Bait(as).Rejecting wilayah of Imam Ali(as)is the highest level of Shirk a muslim commits whether a sahabi or born of this or last generation.pls refer to the event of Gadir Khum from your own sunni source.
    About being like Budhism,tell us about your God.Is he not the bodily god,positioned in the highest level of the heaven above,seated on the throne of power?

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