7 thoughts on “Angel Jibreel works as a nanny at Fatimah’s house

  1. Arc Angel Jubra’il(as)was created out of her(as)light,then so what if he(as)works as a nanny at Sayyidatul nisa’illil alamina’s house.

    • @bamalli
      Well if you mean indept research from shia point of view, then yeah it is possible, because according to shiism Fatima(ra) was no less than a goddess. But from Islamic point of view, then this is an absurdity.

  2. Fair enough.What about a study of Al Zahra(as)from Nasibi/Wahabi or Salafi point of view?Is she(as) as important as Hinda(wife of Abu Sufyan)?About her(as)position in the sight of Shia,that’s very clear.The pure/infallable doughter of the Prophet(s),wife to the best of all creation,focal point of Islam,the only bearer of Amirul Munineen,mother of the Infallable Imams and the Sayyifatul nisailli alamin.

  3. If your research is so clear then 1 point how can this be so out of sense that Hazrat Fatima Zahra was born to Prophet Mohammed(PBUH) and Angel Jibraeel was created Long before Mankind was created. Such things as Arc Angel Jibraeel was created from Hazrat Fatima Light is absurd.

    • Urm, please re-phrase your concern or whatever that’s supposed to be, I didn’t understand a word, either learn English or ask someone to help you.

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