4 thoughts on “Kamal Hydari says Ali is stupid ignorant

  1. A clear and outright contradiction.Sayyid Kamal Hydari and all the 12rs are servants of Imam Ali(as) and Ahlul Bayt(as).How can a servant degrade his master to the point of clear insult?It is naturally,humanly and practically imposible.

  2. Speaking without knowledge is an old habbit of Shias, that is why they are doomed. See the video and you will realize that Kamal Haydari called a scholar ignorant and stupid for saying that dogs howl. However we find that even Ali(ra) believed that dogs can howl, as he stated in Nahjul balaga. So this slander from Kamal Haydari encompasses even Ali(ra).

  3. What about speaking with a mind set to only attack without logical reasoning.Completely programed to see or accept anything good from any one.Is it speaking with or without knowledge?

  4. Instead of these awful arguments , why don’t you prove us that the video was wrong from a logical and reasonable manner. Because claims are made by many but few are able to prove them. Like the claim which was proved in the video.

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