Surah at-Takwir (8,9) – shia commentary

Allah Taala said in the Quran:

[Shakir 81:8] And when the female infant buried alive is asked
[Shakir 81:9] For what sin she was killed,

Shia muhadith ibn Qawlaveyh narrated in his book “al-Kamil az-ziyarat” (p 134):


[3-155] – (Chain) from Abu Abdullah (alaihi salam), which said about words of Allah- : And when the female infant buried alive is asked * For what sin she was killed, – this was revealed about Husayn ibn Ali – alaihuma salam.

So this report is a proof that for them Husayn was female infant!

4 thoughts on “Surah at-Takwir (8,9) – shia commentary

  1. This Hadeeth is da’eef, because of it being mursal. The maraaseel of Ibn abee `umayr is rejected. Al-Khoei explains the weakness of the maraaseel of Ibn abee `umayr in his vol. 1 of his Mu`jam.

    • I do believe that you are more honest than other shias, so you have to mention that your opinion on maraseel of ibn Abu Umayr is only one opinion, and there is a second one. Which is also popular in shia world and accepted by many classical shia scholars. And in accordance to them this report would be sound.

      Maraseel of ibn Abu Umair were authenticated by:

      1) Muhaqiq Sabzawari in Zahairatul Maad 2/373
      رواه في الصحيح عن ابن أبي عمير عن رجل

      2) Allama al-Hilli in Muntahil Muttalib 1/90
      ما رواه الشيخ في الصحيح عن ابن أبي عمير عن رجل

      3) al-Majlisi in Mirat 11/179 (see al-Kafi 2/398); 11/213 (al-Kafi 2/406); 11/179 (al-Kafi 2/398); he said it is hasan in Mirat (16/373) (al-Kafi 4/152); 17/155 (al-Kafi 4/271); 20/251 (al-Kafi 5/463); 22/324 (al-Kafi 6/447); 22/402 (al-Kafi 6/500); 22/438 (al-Kafi 6/527); and etc.

      4) Shahid ath-Thani in “Masail Al Afham” 7/343. (as it is here)

      Jafar Subhani in “Kulliyat fi Ilmul Rijal” p 21, quoted al-Hilli, which after quotation of mursal by ibn Abu Umayr, said:
      وعلى هذه عمل الأصحاب ولا طعن في هذه بطريق الإرسال ، لعمل الأصحاب بمراسيل ابن أبي عمير
      And upon this acted (our) companions, and there is no room to reject this way (of transmission) due to disconnection, due to action of (our) companions by maraseel of ibn Abu Umayr”

      And he also quoted there al-Fadl Abi, and he is Hasan ibn Abi Talib, known as Abi Tarat, which said after mentioned mursal of ibn Abu Umayr:
      وهذه وان كانت مرسلة ، لكن الأصحاب تعمل بمراسيل ابن ابي عمير ، قالوا : لانه لا ينقل إلا معتمداً
      And this is even if it is disconnected, but companions acted upon maraseel of ibn Abu Umayr, they said: he didn’t transmitted except what was reliable.

      there are a lot of more quotes there on his maraseel.

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