Hutba ash-Shiqshiqiyah

In our previous articles we have already questioned authenticy of one of the main shia texts, Hutba ash-Shiqshiqiyah from Nahjul Balagha. (1,2)

And praise to Allah, that for all unbiased people became clear fact that this Hutba doesn’t contain any sound chain in any shia book.

This time I’d like to raise sound question regarding text of that report.

Supposedly Ali said:

At that moment, nothing took me by surprise, but the crowd of people rushing to me. It advanced towards me from every side like the mane of the hyena so much so that Hasan and Husayn were getting crushed and both the ends of my shoulder garment were torn. They collected around me like the herd of sheep and goats.

Here Ali described situation after the death of Uthman.

Uthman died in 34 h. At this time Hasan and Husayn were approximately 32 years old.

Is it not strange that they supposedly were almost crushed during people pledge of allegiance to Ali?

Because from text of hutba it seems like talk is about two little children. And not two mature people.