al-Khui and his tawsiq upon Nawasib

We have already gave good examples of shia scholars narrating from nawasib, and here another one.

Talk is about Uthman ibn Eesa.

Al-Khui in “Mojam ar-Rijal” (12/132) said:

أقول: لا ينبغي الشك في أن عثمان بن عيسى كان منحرفا عن الحق ومعارضا للرضا عليه السلام، وغير معترف بامامته، وقد استحل أموال الامام عليه السلام، ولم يدفعها إليه ! وأما توبته ورده الاموال بعد ذلك فلم تثبت فإنها رواية نصر بن الصباح، وهو ليس بشئ، ولكنه مع ذلك كان ثقة بشهادة الشيخ وعلي بن إبراهيم وابن شهر آشوب

I (al-Khui) say: There shouldn’t be any doubt  that Uthman ibn Eesa slipped away from truth, and opposed to ar-Rida (alaihi salam), and didn’t recognize his Imamah, and made lawful property of Imam (alaihi salam), and didn’t send it to him. And his repentance and return of property after that isn’t established, it was narrated from Nasr ibn as-Sabah, and he was nothing. AND ALONG WITH THAT HE WAS THIQAH by testimony from ash-Shaykh, Ali ibn Ibrahim, ibn Shahrashub…

So person:

a) Didn’t believe in Imamah of ar-Rida.

b) Opposed to ar-Rida.

c) Took property of ar-Rida.

d) He was waqifi, as said Najashi in Rijal  (p 300) See – Waqifiya, Zaydiya in the light of shia narrations

And along with all these he was thiqah in shia view!