Imamah vs Nubuwa

Some eye opening info for shias which do believe that preferring Imamah upon Nubuwa was something known and accepted forever.

1) Shaykh Ali al-Bahrani said in “Manaril Hadi” (p 209):

إن أهل العقول من جميع المسلمين لا يعلمون منزلة بعد النبوة أشرف وأجل من الإمامة


People of Intellect from All (groups) of Muslims doesn’t know any rank (manzilah) after prophethood more honoured than Imamah….

2) Sharif al-Murtada said in “Shafi fil Imama” (3/83):

 والإمامة هي أعلى منازل الدين بعد النبوة


…and Imama is highest rank in religion after Nubuwah.


2 thoughts on “Imamah vs Nubuwa

  1. Both tranlsatiosn says ” after nabuwwah” so to claim it i.e imamah is seen superior then Nubuwwah acording to the above two texts is false, we need not attribute lies brother , please correct

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