Nass on Imamah – Sharif al-Murtada

Bismillah, it is known fact that shias claim EXISTENCE of clear indication upon Imamah of Ali.

But let us see what regarding this was said by their well known and accepted scholar.

Sharif al-Murtada in “Shafi fil Imamah” (2/98) said:

إنّا لا ندّعي علم الضرورة في النص، لا لأنفسنا ولا على مخالفينا، وما نعرف أحداً من أصحابنا صرّح بادعاء ذلك


Surely we doesn’t claim (existence of ) necessary knowledge regarding clear indication (in Imamah), not upon us, neither upon our opponents, and we doesn’t know anyone from our companions to claim this clearly..

Some shias claim that hadith of Ghadir Hum and Hadith al-Manzilah are clear indications of Imamah of Ali.

However this top shia scholar, Sharif Murtada hold to other opinion.

In his Rasail (1/339) he said:

وأما النص الخفي: فهو الذي ليس في صريحة لفظه النص بالامامة، وإنما ذلك في فحواه ومعناه، كخبر الغدير، وخبر تبوك

As for hidden text: that is the one in which text there is no clear indication to Imamah, but only in content and meaning, LIKE REPORT OF GHADIR AND REPORT OF TABUK.

So, here we have one of the top shia scholar which testify that NEITHER HADITH OF GHADIR, NOR  HADITH OF MANZILAH CONTAIN CLEAR INDICATION ON IMAMAH.