Hate of Sahaba has its own result

Ibn Abu Dunya narrated in his book “al-Uqubat” (p 218, #312):

Ahmad ibn Abdul-Ala said: Abu Rahv which was shia, said to me: We were sitting near Forbidden Mosque in Mecca, when person, whose face was white from one side and black from other, stood up and said:  O people! Take an example from me, I use to abuse Abu Bakr and Umar. Once in the night, when I was (sitting) the man came to me and hit me on my face. He said: “O enemy of Allah, O sinner! Do you abusing Abu Bakr and Umar?” . When I stood up in the morning I seen myself in this condition.

And again in “al-Uqubat” (p 218, #313):

Umar ibn al-Hakim narrated from his uncle: We were on our way to Mecca, and with us was the one who use to abuse Abu Bakr and Umar. We wanted to stop him but he didn’t listen. When he separated from us to fulfil his natural need, bees attacked him. He asked us for help, and we tried. But when bees attacked us we have to run. Bees didn’t left him util tear him apart.

And again in “al-Uqubat” (p 60, #82):

Hakim ibn Jabir narrated from his slave girl: I seen Hasan ibn Ali, he made ablution and was using towel. I felt hate towards him. When night came I slept, and when morning came I felt fire in my liver.

(Narrator) Sufyan said: Her liver became wrong because she felt hate towards son of prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa ala alihi wa sallam)