Shia SITE says in his commentary of the Holy Quran

Shia SITE says in his commentary of the Holy Quran:

There are traditions which are quite unacceptable, such as that Ali ibne Ibrahim narrates through his chain from Horrais from the Sixth Holy ‘main Jafar ibne Muhammad As-Sadiq that the Imam read the last portion of the Sura-Fateha as follows: “Sirata man an’amta alaihim, Ghairil Maghzoobe alaihim wa gahriz Zaalleen”, that is, he used the relative pronoun “Man” and, instead of “Ia” before “Zaalleen”, he used “Ghair”. It is obvious that this imagined recitation does not differ from the present recitation in substance, but it is so absurd that one can only ask why would some one like Ali ibne Ibrahim relate such nonsense. The Fatehatul Kitab is a chapter recited by the Muslims daily. There is no prayer without the recital of the Fatehatul Kitab, so it is impossible for the correct version to escape the memory of any Muslim over the age of five years. If a Muslim cannot retain one Sura of Fateha correctly, we have to read a Fateha on Islam! There is another group of traditions in support of Tahreef indicating that the Qur’an contains different sections, sections dealing with the Ahlul-Bait, their enemies, the exemplary events of old times, and the laws and precepts of Islam It is obvious that these kinds of traditions have nothing to do with Tahreef, ie.