salam alaikum
I am a sunni muslim, I have a shia friend who tries to convince me that bokhari and moslem hadithes are not truth and abu bakr wasn’t chose by the 
prophet s himself.  How can I proof that bukhari and moslem hadithes are truth and the prophets s did chose abu Bakr in a convincing way.

Have we proof as sunni muslims that the 12 imams is not from the prophets s generation?
have we proof that imam Mahdi is not yet born ?

jazak Allah khayr for the answers



Alaikuma salam.

Regarding our two saheeh books, we are not required to bring proofs for shias, they, as claimers should bring proofs. Same with caliphate of Abu Bakr.

As for Mahdi of shias. Shias claim that he was Muhammad ibn Hasan, and in accordance to our narrations he would be Muhammad ibn Abdullah.

As for 12 shia imams, in accordance to us 11 of them were from Ahlalbayt.

Wa Allahu Alam.

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  1. YASSER HABIB is more courageous than you! Cos he wil give evidences whenever he was asked by his followers about an issue but look at the respond you give to ur fellow sunni. How can he then be convinced that truly Abubakar was APPOINTED by the Prophet(s) since you did’nt provide him proofs? The worst part of the issue was you redirect him to his Shi’i friend who, Iam certain wil rain him with hundrend of evidences that Abubakar was NOT suggested for the Caliphate/Imamate by the Prophet!


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