Iftira on messenger to cover their own filth!

Nothing but fatwa from official site of M.S.Ruhaane, marjia of shias.

هل يجوز للبنت البالغة المتزوجة تقبيل أبيها و أمها من الفم ؟
هل يجوز ات تجلس في حضن أبيها من باب المحبة ؟
هل تستطيع لبس ما يستر القبل و حلقة الدبر فقط أمام أبويها كحد أقصى من غير ريبة ؟


Is it allowed for married adult girl to kiss her father and mother in their mouth?
Is it allowed for her to sit in lap of her father as a way of showing affection?
Can she wear what covers her front (vagina) and anus ring (hole) *ONLY* infront of her father as the least (covering) without causing suspicion.

الجواب: باسمه جلت اسمائه
بإسمه جلت أسماؤه
الأمور الثلاثة التي سالتم عن أحکامها کلها جائز لا إشکال في شيء منها کيف و قد کان النبي صلى الله عليه و اله يقبل إبنته.

Answer: In his name exalted are his names
(Don’t know whose name this swine is exalting, Ali, Hussein or other 14 demi-gods?)

The three issues which you asked about their rulings, all are permissible and there is no problem with any one of them, how can there be (problem) when prophet (saw) used to kiss his daughter.



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